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Friday, December 11th, 2009
7:19 am
OWoD chronicle and chronicle plan through May 2013


After lengthy discussions with the NSTs, review of the survey and employing some of that commentary into the conversations, I am happy to announce the action plan for the chronicles through May 2013.

We will, as I have stated, continue to run all the venues we currently run in the NWoD, with Geist being our newest addition, starting fully in March. The Geist team are working diligently to bring you an exciting and vibrant world in which to explore your PC's and I'm very excited about the new game. I encourage you all to try it!

I will now be talking about the OWoD Venue, then will be covering key data on all venues.

We will be adding OWoD Vampire to our suite of options. The tentative plan is to allow cities to decide which (if any) type of vampire game they wish to play (e.g., Camarilla only, Sabbat only, Camarilla and Anarch/Indepdendent, Anarch only, Anarch/Independent/Sabbat). A cities VSS will determine what a city wishes to play. If your city wishes to have more than one OWoD Venue (Cam/Anarch and Sabbat), you will need to have clear borders for where those games lie with the understanding that PC's will likely come to kill their own PC's and this could be a bad idea all the way around. I am not encouraging this at the start and I’m sure national affiliates will put any added restrictions they see as necessary to ensure a healthy game start as needed in their addenda.

Chronicle start OWoD Vampire – June 1, 2010

Will we have prechronicle games? - Short answer is I don’t know yet. This is a process and there is a lot to be done to get us ready (hiring AMSTs and ANSTs, figuring out where we are by Spring, getting our settings documents ready, etc.) so we don’t have all the answers yet. However, I wanted to make sure members knew what the going forward plan was as early as possible so we can put out all calls that won’t cause more questions than answers and begin the process in earnest. Just like any venue roll out, we’ll be keeping you posted as we go, getting addenda out in advance of game start, and all the things we’re doing for Geist (and have for other games).

Rules - 6.0 (revised and probably with new name). We will be adding a few changes to reflect our new continuity as well as removing much of the Camarilla custom items at venue start with the idea that we may reintroduce some items back in as needed throughout the length of the chronicle.

Custom – There will be no custom items for OWoD Vampire at this time.

Generation/MC – Will remain as handled prior to the change to the NWoD so that we may assess their relevancy over the next 3 years.

XP – 4 xp per month is where our discussion will begin and we will adjust up or down as needed before June to manage character growth with Chronicle length.

Chronicle Length – OWoD – June 1, 2010 to May 1, 2013 with planned new chronicles starting June 1, 2013.


Hard Reset – May 1, 2013. During the final 9-12 months of the OWoD Vampire and NWoD Venues, NSTs and the MST will discuss with members and with staff what venues are being supported and played by members and what other non-played venues have a strong player interest to inform our decisions on what venues we will be running (both OWoD and NWoD) come June 1, 2013. This will allow us to decide which venues are strongest and have the best chance of thriving as we move forward. At that time, all aspects of the chosen venues will be discussed by the ST staffs and with members via various media (e.g., MC, XP, custom items, approval levels, etc). We will also set a chronicle length for all games at that time as well so that everyone understands how long we will play before we repeat this review.

There is value in knowing exactly how long a game will run. We as storytellers can calculated benefits for MC, amounts of monthly XP, longevity XP, overcap XP, etc. and know exactly how much potential XP there could be in game at the end of chronicle. This knowledge allows us to eliminate Soft resets or Character rewrites, as we should have no enormous surprises or unplanned XP bloat to deal with. While this is different than we’ve ever done, there is value in knowing how to plan story arcs plotlines, character development charts and XP and MC values so there are no surprises to either the membership or the storytelling staff. As we progress with the remainder of this chronicle, we can learn much about how long our next chronicle set should be and keep all games on even footing with coordinated starting and stopping dates.

That’s a lot for many folks to absorb, but this was a lot of conversations in the making. I am very excited to see how we manage a far out, well planned reset time line as well as see how we do with the OWoD, which many of us have not played in years, and for some of us, never at all. This will be a different 3 ½ years, but I think it will be an opportunity for us as storytellers and members to build the necessary infrastructures to keep this organization and the stories we tell fresh, vibrant, ever changing and growing.

I know lots of you wanted some sort of reply from the ST chain quickly and I very much wanted to get something to you before Christmas as an early gift. We have a lot of work to do between now and June for the launch of Geist in March, OWoD Vampire in June as well as developing the 3-year story arcs for the end of our current world so we'll all be busy.

I look forward to seeing what each of us does with the time we have left in the current venues and what we learn from this shift in chronicle management style. I’m very excited to see how we do.

Happy Holidays!

Michelle Webb
2010 is the Year of the ST. Join us

(pb chris buser us2002021013)

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
8:44 pm
From the Profile...

Welcome to the Camarilla LiveJournal Community!

If you would like to be a member of this community, go here:


AND THEN, after you have done so, please email your name, membership #, and the name of your journal to: camarillalivejournal@gmail.com in order to connect your info to your subscription request. You'd be surprised how often people forget that part. :) Otherwise, there's no way to know that your LiveJournal belongs to you, and your application is going to be denied.

If you used to be a member, and find that you are suddenly not a member, odds are you missed the June 2009 audit. If so, please go ahead and click the link and send the email to verify, and we'll hook you right back up. :)

The above should fix anyone who got caught by the audit, or anyone who wants to join for the first time. LiveJournal deactivated the "Force-Subscribe" function, so even if you track me down via irc or gchat, I can't subscribe anyone to the community until they go to the above link.


chris buser
Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
8:23 pm
Hey guys! Remember this?


I'll repost:

Time to do a membership audit...


I'm looking for the following information from our subscribers:

Your Name:
Your Membership Number:
Your Livejournal: (Namely, the one you use to subscribe to this community)

Please send this to: camarillalivejournal@gmail.com before July 1, 2009.


chris buser
owner/moderator, camarilla

There are 628 other journals subscribed to this community.

I have 91 responses in my mailbox.

I'd like to hear from the other 537 of you. Please get your audit responses in.


Monday, March 30th, 2009
11:33 am
Character sheet Survey - OpenOffice users
Hey all,

I'm running into an interesting little issue with the new version of OpenOffice. Namely, that I have 3.0 on my new computer and a lot of the things that were conversion issues in 2.x are not present there. So, I've created a little survey for the open office users of the character sheet, to better give me feedback on what I need to do to properly convert these sheets.

Survey is at: Open Office Survey

Also – Dose anyone require a Promethean sheet for the reset?

Jen Seggev
Working on Awakening sheets
Friday, January 30th, 2009
12:34 am
New Character sheet updates - Multiple venues
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let people know about a set of new updates for the character sheets. There is a mix of new material and various bug fixes. A couple of the sheets have gone through the conversion to Open Office, after all the error fixes.

Changeling 3.4 (Excel ONLY): It contains the material that is sanctioned from Equinox Roads and Grim Fears. This also includes a new section for Masks, allowing you to put down character appearance, and a section for gaining Milestone merits with your fetch. Due to lack of beta testers, Open Office sheets will be completed after the usual round of minor errors are found.

Retainer 3.5 (Excel and Open Office): Updated to include an Enchanted Mortal merit and related things from the new changeling books.

Forsaken 4.3 (Excel and Open Office): Fixed Harmony XP calculations. Translated the new version into Open Office.

Awakening 9.1 (Excel and Open Office): Added in Factions to printed sheets. Added in a feature that lets the user search for rotes by Arcana, Level, Practice, Book, Attribute, Skill, etc. (There may be bugs in the Attribute/Skill search. Please report mistakes!) Fixed Familiar tab to remove spells as Numina, added Reaching tags to appropriate Numina..

Familiar 1.1: Removed the option of Spells as Numina, to move in line with MET rules. Added Reaching tags to appropriate Numina

Spirit 2.1: Added Reaching tags to appropriate Numina.

Revenant 1.0: Having found the sheet I started in Summer of 06 and then dropped for some reasons, I took the 3 hours to make this a complete, working sheet. Hopefully this will give the STs some more easy NPC options for antagonists.

Character sheets are available for download at: http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/

And just so people get a bit of insight into how all this stuff works, here is the list of everything I'm currently planning on working on, in order of priority.
1. Vampire - It needs a new edition, and I'll be starting on that this week.
2. Hunter – A NPC or Troupe game sheet, to be created when time allows.
3. Changeling – Custom Token's page. This is being put off until after the vampire sheet is done.
4. True Fae sheet – Once the rules are settled for these creatures, a sheet will be made.

If people would be interested to see what all goes into this project, I would be happy to do a series of posts on the Cam LJ with what gets done and how long each thing takes. It might surprise people to see everything that has to be done in order to create this tool.

I also want to extend my special thanks to Shaari Ladue, all the members of the Boulder domain and Karen Twitchell for their generosity in helping provide some of the materials needed to update these sheets. It's been a wonderful motivating factor in getting this done and published out to the club as a whole. Not to mention, making the work much easier to deal with. Without their support, I doubt the Changeling update would have gotten completed, for one. (Ask the nice people in #lost-ooc who were watching me try and tear my hair out during some of the updates.)

Jennifer Seggev

Please send all bugs or suggestions to setitegirl at yahoo.com . I don't check this for errors, normally.
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
11:17 pm
New Awakening and Mortal sheets
Hi Everyone!

As a New Year's present, I have the following finished and just put up on the website.

1. Awakening 9.0 – Now updated for the changes to extended Pre-casts, for all the pre-game mathematics, to be compliant with the new addendum.

2. Mortals 6.0 – If you are taking your Mortal PC into another venue as a mortal, this sheet is for you! Just spend all your XP the way it was on your old sheet, then select your new venue. A new XP tracker will pop up, letting you keep any prior breaks in merit costs.

3. Mortals UK 1.0 – For the UK game, here's a sheet to match your new rules set.

All of the above are Excel sheets only, for now. Sheets are at: http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/

Changeling is up next on the list.

Jen Seggev
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
11:31 pm
I Am a Crazy Person
Hey kids! In order to get the sound system there, and to provide karaoke, I'm going to be driving to ICC, from Savannah, GA to Dearborn, MI.

For 15 hours.

1000 miles.

I am a crazy person.

But, this is a chance to make my crazy work for you. I'm willing and able to pick up passengers along the way if you're willing to pitch in a little on the gas costs. Doesn't have to be much, as any help is welcome. Also, I've got a nice big van to take all those costumes that the airline wants to charge you a bajillion dollars to check.

I'll be leaving approximately 10pm Wednesday October 15th, expecting to arrive in Dearborn Thursday morning/early afternoon. Here's the route I'll be taking and the major cities I'll be passing by:

Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC via I-95.
Charleston, SC to Columbia, SC via I-26.
Columbia, SC to Knoxville, TN via I-40. On this leg, I'll be passing close to the following: Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC, and Ashville, NC.
Knoxville, TN to Lexington, KY via I-75.
Lexington, KY to Dearborn, MI via I-75. Passing close to: Cincinatti, Dayton, and Toledo, OH.

If you're anywhere near this route, get in touch with me at nashcam at gmail dot com. We'll make arrangements to meet up and you too can enjoy the madness of being stuck in an enclosed space with me for long periods of time.

See you at the con, folks.
Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
2:57 pm
Roomates Needed
Dear the Cam,

So my orginaly roomate situation for ICC feel through and Now I'm looking for roomates for ICC. I already have a room booked, but I'm also willing to chip in to somoe esles room. I just don't want to pay 400 for myself for a room.

If your intrested in Rooming with me. Or have space available in your room, please email me at fuzzyrobo@gmail.com Thanks ^.^

Joseph figlar
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
3:05 pm
New Character Sheets are up!
Hi everyone,

The first set of the new sheets is up and running for the new addendum.

1. Changeling, Version 3.0 – Has all the material from Lords of Summer, plus a new Goblin Fruit and Trifles section for those who are intent on harvesting!

2. Mortals, Version 5.7 – Updated with the new merits for all venues.

3. Retainers, Version 3.0 – Updated to better handle retainers of the various venues. Please note that the new retainer types from the Awakening venue, Silver Ladder book, are not yet added. Please give me a bit on that.

4. Gargoyles, Version 1 – NEW! For all the characters in the Requiem venue with Gargoyle servants, here is a sheet for them to be used and improved.

5. Second Sight, Version 4.3 – Updated with the new merits for all venues.

6. Promethean, Version 3.1 – Updated with the new merits for all venues.

ONLY Excel sheets are updated. I'll get to the Open Office versions at some point, after giving time for testing and such.

All sheets can be found at: http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/

In Progress: (Just so I don't get 4 billion questions on when this will be done.)
1. Awakening – In progress. This updating is going to take a little bit, so please be patient. Also, Proximi and Illuminated Retainers will require sheet modifications.
2. Forsaken – Again, in progress. My typist didn't get back to me, so it's going to take a while to get everything sorted out.
3. Vampire – On the backburner until I can look at the new clan books.

Special thanks to:
Richard Hussey – For typing out all the Goblin Fruit stuff.
Brodie Aberson, Darcey Kunigisky, and Vicki Mieth for typing up the Lords of Summer contracts and Entitlements.

Remember – Errors go to setitegirl@yahoo.com

Jen Seggev
Friday, April 11th, 2008
5:55 pm
Formal Invitation to Daeva Ball

Daeva Ball Invitation behind the cutCollapse )

OOC Notes: RSVP's should be sent to ic.uscc@gmail.com so that proper arrangments can be made for the Daeva Ball. This is a semi-formal affair. For ladies, a nice party dress, knee length is acceptable and quite appropriate. For gentleman, slacks, sports jackets or something you would wear on a date to impress. If you have any questions, please contact ic.uscc@gmail.com.

ST Note: On behalf of the Requiem staff for USCC 08, we look forward to your attendance and participation in the IC festivities at USCC 2008! If you would like to host a meeting or an event, we are asking that you make your request both IC to Prince Jordan Marx at ic.uscc@gmail.com and OOC at uscc08.requiem@gmail.com so that your requests can be accommodated. We look forward to making your event a weekend to remember! Be sure to register for USCC now!

Nycci Daniels
ECARST Requiem
USCC 08 Requiem Co-Lead

Justin Gaskins
DST - Dark Aria OH-017-D
aMST - Rules
Requiem Co-Lead ST - USCC 2008

Bekkah Anderson
The Littlest Monster
ANC Newsletter
5:54 pm
Formal Invitation for USCC Cotillion


OOC Notes: This is the big event for Friday night of USCC! RSVP's should be sent to ic.uscc@gmail.com, A cotillion is a coming of age party for neonates that would like to be welcomed into the social elite. All neonates wishing to participate must be sponsored by an elder. If your neonate doesn't have their own elder to sponsor them, let us know and we will try to connect you with one. If you would like to participate as a debutante, socialite, or an elder please contact ic.uscc@gmail.com so that we can get you the needed information BEFORE the convention. As a note, this is a formal affair. For ladies, a floor length ball gown is appropriate. For gentleman, ideally, tuxedos are proper, but a nice suit works well too. As a note, a cotillion is a coming of age party for debutantes and socialites. It is considered a MAJOR faux pas to wear white, especially the ladies, unless you are a debutante or a host. If you have any questions, please contact ic.uscc@gmail.com.

ST Note: On behalf of the Requiem staff for USCC 08, we look forward to your attendance and participation in the IC festivities at USCC 2008! If you would like to host a meeting or an event, we are asking that you make your request both IC to Prince Jordan Marx at ic.uscc@gmail.com and OOC at uscc08.requiem@gmail.com so that your requests can be accommodated. We look forward to making your event a weekend to remember! Be sure to register for USCC now!

Nycci Daniels
ECARST Requiem
USCC 08 Requiem Co-Lead

Justin Gaskins
DST - Dark Aria OH-017-D
aMST - Rules
Requiem Co-Lead ST - USCC 2008

Bekkah Anderson
The Littlest Monster
ANC Newsletter
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
6:20 pm
US Awakening Survey #1 – Demographics and Leadership

(posted for PL. chris buser us2002021013 mod)

Hi everyone, from the new Awaking Settings Project Lead for the US.

A lot of you may be wondering what exactly it is that the Settings person does. Part of my job is to provide the ANST Awakening and the Plot STs with the information that they ask for, hence the surveys to start collecting information for them. The other part of the job is taking information from the ANST's staff and providing educational material to STs and players on various parts of our chronicle.

Without further ado, this is the first survey for the US Awakening game, focusing on what is currently in play and public perception of leadership within the venue. We want to know who you are and what you play (and a lot of you have more than one PC), so that we can see how things we do might impact you. We are also looking for who is viewed as the most famous and infamous in the Awakening Chronicle at the moment. Even if you don't answer the leaders portion of the survey, the top portion on what character you play will really help us out.

Please forward this to your local Awakening Lists and share with your chapter! The information in this survey will greatly help the US National Awakening staff learn what's out there and start plotting accordingly! Send completed surveys to:


Jennifer Seggev
Project Lead: US Awakening Settings
(Woman of many hats)

------------ US Awakening Survey #1 – Demographics and Leadership ------------Collapse )
Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
11:26 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that the Changeling Excel sheet is now updated for Rites of Spring. Sheets are located at http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/. There is also a new sheet up just for Hedge Beasts. The Open Office version is almost complete, with just one issue to be worked out. Big thanks go to Jason, Darcey, and Julie who typed up all the information.

Jen Seggev
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
11:30 pm
How Sally became a Trustee...

Yes, this is a repost, but with USCC approaching, I felt it warrented.

I've gotten a few requests for information on how someone becomes a Trustee. I've used the information found in the Club Director FAQ, and cribbed up an example, using the fictional club members, "Harry" and "Sally".


Harry feels that Sally should be a Trustee. It's now Harry's job to do the legwork in creating what is known as the "Trustee Packet". This needs to include the following information:

A: Sally's name, her membership number, the date she joined the Camarilla, and her Chapter/Domain/Region/Nation membership info.

B: At least three letters of endorsement from other Camarilla members. These letters should show a broad range of support ( i.e. not all from the same domain or region) and letters from current Trustees and/or National Officers are encouraged.

C: Justification for making the candidate a Trustee. This should be supported by as much documentation as possible - if the nominator lists "the mentorship of many new members", then getting letters from those members would help. If "recruitment" or "charity" is one of the candidate's accomplishments, some numbers showing what the member's done would help, too.

So. Harry makes some discrete inquiries, and writes up an email that has Sally's info as needed for part A. He then talks to some people that he knows are aware of what Sally's done for the club, and collects the letters that they agree to write supporting her as a worthy Trustee nominee. Now he has part B finished. Then he talks to some more people, to get the evidence to show where Sally's gone above and beyond, being as detailed as possible when it comes to all the good she's done for the club. All of it put together completes part C. Finally, he takes his evidence and the letters of support, and attaches them to his email. Sally's Trustee Packet is now ready to send.

Once the Packet's complete, it gets sent to the National Officers for the nominee. If they agree with the nomination, they write a letter of endorsement, and add it to the Packet. If there's any disciplinary actions or documentation of other conduct that could be considered derogatory to the reutation of a Trustee, this is the part of the process where the National Coordinator would bring it to the Club Director's attention. Otherwise, the updated Packet goes to the Club Director.

So, since Sally's a US member, Harry sends her Packet to the US Camarilla Council. The NC, NCA, NFA, NO, NSA, and NST talk about Sally's qualifications, and agree that she's Trustee material. The NC doesn't have anything showing that Sally would be a blot to the rank of Trustee. Thus, the Council adds their letter of endorsement, and sends the Packet to the Club Director.

Once the Club Director reviews the Packet, the current Trustees are asked for their opinion. Sally's done a lot of good for the club, the Trustees have watched her at work, and they feel she's worthy of the honor. The Club Director, however, makes the final call. After reviewing the information packet, taking into account what the nominator's had to say, the documentation in the Packet, what her National Officers had to say, and what the Trustees had to say, the Club Director gets on stage at Opening Ceremonies, and says "I love this part of my job..."

And that's how Sally becomes a Trustee.


So. If you know someone that you feel deserves to be a Trustee... the first step is yours. If you'd like additional information, or help with the process, please drop me a line at uscamno@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do for you.

chris buser
united states national ombudsman
Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
1:23 pm
Question about Requiem setting.
Hi Cammies.

We're struggling with the Requiem setting a little bit. The source materials promote a singular domain model, with little incentive to stretch to other cities. It works well for tabletop, but not so well for a game that's supposed to be international.

How have others overcome this obstacle? What's the travelling situation like in the US? Membership? How are you dealing with the revisionist core books? What about recruitment issues?


Forgot my number:

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, January 5th, 2008
8:51 pm
Brainstorming Awakening Improvement
(cross-posted from General-OOC, UK General and Awakening-OOC)

Heya, folks!

Stemming from a conversation had on IRC recently (details of which can be seen on the Camarilla LJ community, at: http://community.livejournal.com/camarilla/883973.html), I've had some discussion with storytellers at a few levels, and have decided to start a little project.

Camarilla Brainstorming (http://groups.google.com/group/camarilla-brainstorming) is a new mailing list that any member in can join. This mailing list will be working hand-in-hand with IRC focus groups in which I am hoping to be able to get people talking constructively about how to make the Camarilla Awakening chronicle better. Discussion on the mailing list will be -moderated- to keep it on topic and constructive.

The IRC discussions will be small, no more than 20 people at a time, will happen at least monthly, with topics provided in the form of specific questions to discuss. They will happen on various days and at various times, so that there is no bias toward any particular affiliate/locale (aside from the selectiveness of the fact that I'm only conversationally fluent in English.) Summaries of the IRC discussions will be posted to the mailing list, to get broader discussion going, and points raised on the list will get brought to the IRC sessions.

I hope that people will participate in this project, as what we get out of it will only be as good as what's put into it.


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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
9:36 pm
MET Awakening Character Sheet
Merry Christmas or

For your holiday enjoyment, the MET version of the Awakening Character sheet is now live and ready for download at http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/

Awakening 6.0 List of ImprovementsCollapse )

Thanks to everyone who helped by typing up book rotes. There were almost a full dozen people working on the 700+ rotes that are currently published.

Jennifer Seggev
PL Character Sheets
Wednesday, December 26th, 2007
3:25 am
Brainstorming improvement
Heya, folks...

Recently, in #mage-ooc, we ended up having what I thought was a great conversation which started with a comparison of oWoD v. nWoD, moved on into the differences between plot and metaplot, and got round to how to make games more interesting and involving for players.

If folks want to read the log of that conversation, I can make it available if you email me a request, but I thought I'd summarise and post the summary here, in the hopes of gathering more feedback and ideas, as well as disseminating what I think were some great ideas.

Question: How do we, as Storytellers, make the game enjoyable for players? List actionable items.Collapse )

Question: How do we create plot that is interesting and engaging?Collapse )

General notes from the conversation:Collapse )

I'd love to see more conversation on this topic here, with a broader audience. Also, if I've left out a point from the conversation and someone involved wants to add it in, please do.

I would like to very strongly encourage folks to remain as positive as possible, and talk about things we can do to make things better, be constructive. Please don't take this as an invitation to dump a lot of negativity, or rant about things you don't like. Talk about what we do like, how we can make it better, what you want to see more of in your games, please. Also, please remember the CoC.

Áine MacLennan
UK0308-5103 / US2003082174

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
2:35 pm
Ghouls Sheet Update
For anyone playing a Ghoul PC, there are now sheet updates at http://sheets.immortaldanse.org/.

Updates have been made to make it compatible with the new Addendum, and it has all of the updates on the latest Vampire sheet as well.

Jen Seggev
Saturday, October 27th, 2007
6:42 am
Camarilla Vices and Virtues, Revelations.
The Author of the Camarilla Vices and Virtues has decided to reveal himself. I can verify that he wrote it since I was one of the two that he showed it to the first time to get a gauge on if he should show it in public.

Written from his IC LJ, dashism


Do you remember ‘Breaking the Magicians' Code’? It was a TV show, with the bald bloke from the X-Files, Mitch Pileggi. Each week this prancing prat called the Masked Magician would mooch about, doing the kind of ludicrous hand gestures perfected by street mimes and accompanied by some glamorous girls. Half James Bond, half Jason Voorhees, the Masked Magician would reveal tricks and illusions as Mitch’s voiceover expressed a complete lack of surprise, wonder and interest.

People loved it. People talked about it. People speculated who the Masked Magician was and why he chose to perform his tricks in an abandoned warehouse. Various names were touted, as all the while the tuxedoed man in a gimp mask would break taboo after taboo. Then came the final episode: the Masked Magician – revealed!

That’s right, folks. The Masked Magician took off his mask. There was some liberal use of a smoke machine, some badly synthed sounds, the mask came off and…

‘Who the hell is THAT?’

‘Greetings,’ the Masked One announced to TV land. ‘It is I, Val Valentino, the Masked Magician!’

‘Never heard of you, mate. I wonder what’s on BBC2.’ Click.

A few million TVs turned off. Val’s allure and illusion had gone. The mystery was gone, the fun was gone and the Masked Magician was gone. People weren’t interested in the tricks; they were buying into the mystique of it all. Val’s career took a nosedive and he’s rarely heard from now. My bet is that he put some sequins on his tux and started a career in Lucha Libre.

So what is the point of this little journey through late 90’s TV specials?

Vices and Virtues. I wrote it.

If you don’t believe me you can ask luckychance or mrcorvin, they will confirm it. I am a Cam member; I’ve been playing in the Cam for just over 10 months, though I’ve only tried Mage (which is why there is such a strong leaning toward Mage descriptions in the guide). Hope that explains everything.

Oh, and I’m not that big a fan of Depeche Mode, just in case you were wondering.

‘Never heard of you, mate. I wonder what’s on YouTube.’ Click.

Chris Chapman


Bill Malvasi
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